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  • Tiny annoyance

  • matt chapman

    September 12, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Hey all-
    Not sure if this is an easy setting to fix. I have a 2 monitor setup and my main monitor is on the left (OSX).

    I have my timeline and most everything else on the left, but my video preview is my right monitor (this is also my Cintiq , so I can’t really change the physical setup as I draw on that one).

    When I click CMD+R for the speed duration dialogue window, it appears by default on the right monitor, which I then have to travel to in order to change durations.

    Is it possible to specify that it appears on the left monitor? When I move it there, make a change and close it I would assume it would stay put, but every time it appears on the wrong monitor, away from the timeline.



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