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Forums Cinematography Thinking of switching from Sony FS7 to Blackmagic URSA Mini G, good move?

  • Thinking of switching from Sony FS7 to Blackmagic URSA Mini G, good move?

     Andy Ford updated 10 months, 1 week ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • Ben Burman

    May 3, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    Hey Creative Cow’s,

    I’m a freelance self-shooting director/filmmaker and I’m thinking of trading in my trusty Sony FS7 for a Black Magic Ursa Mini G2. I’m just after a little bit of advice and to see if anyone else here has made the same move? Although I love my FS7 and it really did help my career a huge amount, I really like the image quality and colour grades that I’m seeing coming from Black Magic’s Ursa Mini and I’m thinking that perhaps for the corporate films I produce, it may be an interesting move to make. Anyone on here have any advice on the practicalities of the Ursa Mini G2 and any/all opinions on part exchanging my FS7 for the Ursa Mini G2 would be welcome!

    Stay safe and well everyone,

    Ben Burman

  • Andy Ford

    June 10, 2020 at 4:13 am

    I’m a Sony FS7 user. Haven’t used the BlackMagic camera you are comparing, but here are some opinions:

    1) The Sony FS7 sensor is pretty good… in fact its the same sensor that’s in some of their higher dollar cameras. If you have the back attachment that allows RAW recording, then you already have a good investment into this camera, a good image, and known quality.
    2) Sony cameras are just more dependable than BlackMagic cameras, unless something has changed with this current model.
    3) My biggest issue with the FS7 is the e-mount lenses. There really aren’t an array of great lens options for this camera, especially if you want a low f-stop and real close-up capability. It was a huge downgrade when I switched to this camera from other Sony’s and now I have 3 lenses that aren’t as good as the 2 I had before. I believe this is because Canon doesn’t want to make quality lenses for this camera so they can sell their own camera.
    4) Another issue with the FS7 is I hardly ever use batteries because I’m in long corporate shoots. I had to get an older AntonBauer power supply, which is like the size of the FS7 but gives me dependable power and the power tap. I’m not sure on BlackMagic’s power options, but something to be aware of if you want to be powered on shoots.
    5) The Sony FS7 has been a workhorse for me and done hundreds of corporate videos. I ship my cameras a lot and check them on a lot of planes and the Sony has always worked just fine. I would be worried about doing the same with a BlackMagic (or other similar builds).
    6) I don’t believe the Blackmagic has an HDMI output, but you are most likely using the SDI anyway.

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