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  • Thin Green line after compressing for web

  • Cody Walters

    November 16, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    I’ve noticed that a few compressed videos have a thin green line on the left hand side of the video. My exported video from Final Cut looks great with no green line, this is only happening in Compressor.

    I’m compressing a DVCHD 720P clip with these settings:

    Compression Type: H.264
    QT file format
    Frame Rate: Current
    Data Rate: Restrict to 4500
    Quality: High, Best quality (multi-pass)

    Streaming: Fast Start
    Frame Controls: On
    Resize Filter: Better
    Fields: Progressive
    Deinterlace: Better
    Rate Conversion: Fast (Nearest frame)

    Frame Size: 1280×720
    Pixel Aspect: Default for size

    Anything wrong with my settings?

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