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  • The philosophy of blurring

    Posted by Jean Tertrain on January 4, 2024 at 2:18 pm


    Does anyone experience intense pain while blurring (in my case a feature documentary), with DaVinci Resolve.

    Main pains :

    – The tracking tool really tracks so bad. I’m pretty much blurring the whole film manually, which takes edges. As the tracking tool mainly works on static shots, which makes it quite weak.

    – Copying a blurred mask from one shot to another, and you will get a deformed pasted mask.

    – The gaussian blur options are a mess. Sometime you will get a more blurred result by lowering the number in the “horizontal/vertical” scale. The different border options do not produce any visible result.

    – Creating a transition from a blurred image to a 0% opacity mask manually is one of the most painful experience ever found on a post-production software. There is absolutely no visibility in the tracking window. You cannot even click on the points created, nore can you move them.

    – The “3D” tracking option is pretty much unable to just follow a face.

    – The window on the bottom right “Image keys”, have not shown any usefulness after working around 150 hours in this Color mode.

    I have been doing video editing for 15 years, but I still really consider myself a rookie. I can’t seem to find a better workflow in DVR and it really hurts, in terms of hours of slow work.

    If any of the persons working in the development of DVR sees this message, please hear my pain regarding (high volume) blurring with DVR.

    Have a good year everyone,

    Jean Tertrain replied 3 months, 1 week ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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