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Forums Adobe After Effects Thanks Nucleo Pro for field rendered ram previews.

  • Thanks Nucleo Pro for field rendered ram previews.

  • William Drescher

    July 4, 2006 at 9:15 pm

    I wanted to post something that might help a lot of Broadcast artists when trying to get out of the box. We are a Mac based house using AJA Kona LHe cards and Quads with 4 to 8 gigs of ram. Using both the Newsbase systems and Pinnacle Thunders, we were able to play ram previews directly into these on-air devices rather than render them as gigs on a disk which need to be trashed once they’ve been transfered. Steve Kilisky, kindly blogged this practice a few months ago and turned me on to Nucleo and Nucleo Pro. Only downside, still no field ram previews in AE 7.0 Until now..

    Last week at BDA I spoke with Steve Forde of gridiron software, and he showed me where the Nucleo preview files existed. So’ here;s the work flow. Let Nucleo Pro provide you with a ram preview. Set you ram preview to be rendered in fields. (lower first in my case). Then simply open the ram preview in the the Kona TV player or whatever card player you have. Voila.. field dominate ram previews to tape.

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  • Solie Swan

    July 6, 2006 at 1:06 am

    Would you mind sharing where the preview is saved?

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