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  • Text Wrap like a picture in Word?

  • Travis Tessmer

    August 14, 2017 at 10:05 pm

    Hi! So, I’ve got a question that’s a little hard to explain, so I’ll try my best. Does anyone know how to make text in after effects wrap around an image, sort of how you can do it in Microsoft Word, where text will indent until it reaches the bottom of the picture, and then will wrap back to its normal indentation.

    I can fake it by hitting tab or the space bar a bunch, but I’m trying to make a template so people who have no clue how to use after effects can just paste text into a text box and have it just work. I don’t know if there’s an expression I can use or if there’s a button I’m just not hitting or what. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Kevin Camp

    August 15, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    you could have them paste text into a word template that you’ve set up, export a pdf that could overwrite the file that you have in ae…. probably not the greatest workflow.

    if you trust them to be able to add their own hard returns, you might be able to use a text animator to simply indent a set number of lines…

    try this:

    • add a point text layer to your comp (not paragraph text layer) and type some text, enough lines to be able to do the wrap.
    • add a text animator for position and set the x position value so that the text moves to the right of the image that it should wrap around.
    • twirl down the range selector>advanced settings and set the ‘based on’ to ‘lines’ and then se the ‘units’ to ‘index’
    • in the range selector, set the ‘end’ value to the number of lines that need to indent (like 3, for example).

    now if you copy/paste new text into that text layer, the first 3 lines (or however many you set) will indent, but the user will need to hit hard returns at the end of each line.

    if the indent is not too great, you could try paragraph text, but this method is simple shifting line to the right, not changing the bounding box, so the column of text will simply be shifted and the text wrap itself will not be changed…

    Kevin Camp
    Art Director

  • Travis Tessmer

    August 16, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion! I ended up doing something sort of similar by setting the 1st-Line indent in the paragraph window to indent past the picture (Luckily it was a square) so they’d similarly just have to hit enter until they got to the bottom of the picture.

    Also, Dave, that’s a good idea! Now if only I knew someone who could help me code it…

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