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  • Brian paterson

    January 5, 2019 at 11:57 pm

    I want to post a video to YouTube, of the sea, lasting ten hours, for sleep and relaxation purposes. It will loop every 12 minutes or so and I have spent hours researching the best way to do this.
    It can’t be just a loop otherwise I would just use You Tube’s built in looping.
    The problem is it has to have an intro and an outro so those part cannot be part of the looping.
    This means outputting a video that will need to be physically made to loop to a ten hour length. ( I guess ) plus topping and tailing.
    As I have Final Cut ProX, should I use this or would something like Movavi be easier and quicker which according to some youtube videos will speed up the process with no quality loss, or is there a better more dedicated editor for this type of work
    Does anyone have any experience in this area. Any advice would be welcome.
    I am worried about three things, the Final Quality, the Length of Time it will take to upload HD quality and the File Size that a ten hour video will create.

    Looking forward to any advice
    Many Thanks

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