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  • Andrew Phillips

    December 29, 2015 at 2:48 am

    I saw the post from 4 years ago saying it will never happen, but a lot has happened in the world of forums since then. Tapatalk is a modern communication platform for easy access and contribution on mobile. Anyone looking at this again?


  • Tim Wilson

    December 29, 2015 at 7:17 am

    It’s not that we have any objection to Tapatalk. It’s simply not technologically feasible.

    Tapatalk works more or less like a server-side plug-in on a small handful of specific third-party templatized platforms, such as vBulletin, phpBB, WordPress, ProBoards, etc.

    The problem for us is that we predate all of those! Those 4 specific examples were started between 2000-2003, whereas Creative COW’s roots go back to 1995.

    To put that in context, we not only predate all of the platforms that Tapatalk supports — we predate Google. We appeared before mySQL, and were well underway for years before PHP stabilized as a forums platform. We went online about the same time that Yahoo first appeared, just months after the first widely available web browsers. Yep, we even went live before Microsoft launched Internet Explorer. Steve Jobs was years away from returning to Apple.

    Updating underlying tech is easy, of course. We do it every day. But pouring existing content into an incompatible template? We would have to rewrite millions of posts, and reinsert any rich content or formatting, one post at a time. We’d have to create an overlay of redirects from those millions of original locations to the new ones in order to maintain the integrity of existing links, too.

    Most important, we would also have to rebuild our advertising framework, since few of those templatized platforms support ANY direct advertising. Unlike virtually all of the forums on Tapatalk, forums are our only business. We simply don’t have the luxury of walking away from all of our advertising.

    So, even if it was technologically feasible for us to undertake such a massive effort, it wouldn’t be financially feasible — but let me underscore again. It’s not even close to technologically feasible.

    And that’s just to take the first step of getting onto one of the few platforms that Tapatalk supports. After THAT would we be able to actually install Tapatalk.

    Believe it or not, this is the short version. I just went back and cut a lot of what I first wrote. The obstacles really are many, and large.

    We certainly understand the appeal of Tapatalk on the user side, though, and don’t intend any disrespect to its fans, or to Tapatalk itself. We’re not saying we’re better. Just that we’re incompatible with any of the small handful of platforms that Tapatalk supports, at pretty much an atomic level.


    Tim Wilson
    Creative COW

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