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  • system.callSystem unable to reveal folder in Finder

  • Mark Paterson

    November 14, 2019 at 1:19 am

    I have a Terminal command which reveals in Finder the most recent modified folder on my Render Farm drive. This helps me to quickly locate and delete any frames if I need to re-render, etc. The command is…

    cd /Volumes/Render\ Farm/ && cd "$(\ls -1dt ./*/ | head -n 1)" && open "`pwd`"

    However, when I run the same command inside of an AE script, nothing happens. The folder is not displayed in Finder…

    myPanel.grp.group9.getRenderDir.onClick = function() {
    var revealRenderDir = "cd /Volumes/Render\ Farm/ && cd \"$(ls -1dt ./*/ | head -n 1)\" && open \"`pwd`\"";

    Is there something I have done wrong? I believe I have correctly backslashed the quotes.

    As an alternative idea – is there another way to reveal the current render folder in Finder? Similar to how you can reveal the current project location with…

    myPanel.grp.group8.getAEP.onClick = function() {

    if(app.project.file !== null){
    var path = app.project.file.fsName;

    var revealAEP = "open -R " + path;

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