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  • Syncing audio and video using waveform on a timeline

  • Ludmil Kazakov

    February 25, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    So I have audio and video that have different timecode and no slate. many many files from the dailies that need syncing. I can do the job file by file, however is there a way to line up multiple video and audio files on a timeline and sync automatically without doing the job one by one?

  • Pat Horridge

    February 25, 2021 at 5:34 pm

    Non sync’d timecode and no slates.

    Shambles. I’d walk away.

  • Kevin Brennan

    February 25, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    For this you will likely have to go outside of Media Composer.

    But just curious…, the audio and video files with different timecodes … what I would first do is figure out what your TIME OFFESET is. Unless your audio was recorded in a different frame rate..

    Once you figure what the offeset is, you can do a little math and figure out what the relative start time is for each recording based on creation date/time in the meta-data of the clips.

    If it is in the same or similar enough frame rate, what I would do is take all of my clips and order them by creation date. Then drop them onto a timeline so that the first recording is first and the last recording is last.

    Then to the same for the Audio. then combine the two timelines.

    Decide which set of media is going to be your MASTER track and lock it.

    Then on the ‘other’ set of tracks, select all the clips and move them as one to sync up the first piece. –hopefully you have at least a piece of audio like a clap or something. or maybe someone shouting “action!” that marks the beginning of each recording piece?

    As you sync things up from beginning to end, make sure that you constantly save your project, or make versions of your timeline.

    Anyway.. regardless.. it’s a lot of work ahead of you.

    –It might be easier to just go to Premiere and use something like Plural Eyes and sync up all your audio there, then export an EDL or XML or something with 3 letters like that, and bring it into Media Composer and rebuild a timeline based on that data.


    also.. there’s this…

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