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  • Surely there must be a better workflow??

  • Daniel Jewesbury

    July 1, 2009 at 12:01 am

    I’m a visual artist, working in gallery installation. I shoot 16mm, transfer it to DigiBeta, which I capture through my AJA Io LD, I work in FCP, Soundtrack, Amadeus, Color, MPEG Streamclip and so on, I use Director sometimes to control playback.. The big problem is always getting the finished product in some format that a gallery can actually show. The latest project includes a very slow fade-in from black over pale footage shot at dawn – so of course, there’s crazy stairstepping at anything below 10-bit..

    At present I’m trying to play off new Mac Minis which seem to have the capability to deal with longish 10-bit files, but it’s a drag trying to explain to galleries why exactly your film can’t just be shown off a DVD.

    Even worse is the futility of carefully correcting colour on a calibrated broadcast monitor only for the final piece to be squeezed through a projector with a dull bulb and only a VGA input (with the gallery door left open for good measure).

    My practice is expensive enough already to make it difficult to pursue, so I’m not looking for an answer that involves a major new outlay (before anyone tells me to buy a RED camera and a new RAID array) but surely I’m not alone in finding this mix of professional / broadcast technology and prosumer workarounds a bit trying at times? I’m not a broadcast engineer, even if I have had to learn a lot of things over the years. I’m a trained photographer and a proficient cinematographer; I’m an experienced and knowledgeable user of software, from Premiere and AVID through every release of FCP and all the associated bells and whistles. I’m not a novice – but I admit I am starting to feel defeated by all this…

    Surely there must be a better (non-HD) way?

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