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  • Suggestions on keyboard settings for finishing work

  • Fay Gartenberg

    March 6, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Is anyone willing to share their recommendations for keyboard setup for finishing work? I’m an assistant editor starting out at a finishing house. We use Wacom tablets instead of a mouse. I’ll mainly be using the right side of keyboard and doing a lot of overcutting and onlining in Avid. I’m on Mac using Avid 8.8.5.

    Thanks for your guidance!

  • Glenn Sakatch

    March 8, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    I think you will find it much better to develop your own strategy. My keyboard settings have been developing since ’95, and i do still change something every now and then. Me telling you to put add edit on F8, match frame on F7 and find bin on F6 is meaningless when someone else says, “I would put match frame on “M” for match frame. It becomes something only you can feel comfortable with.

    I will say my favorite mapped key is the Escape key. I have overwrite edit mapped there. My reasoning is simple…it is the one key on the keyboard that i can always find without ever having to look down at the keys. In offline editing it is used A LOT, and it has just become muscle memory for me. Mark in, mark out…reach up and bam…escape.

    For my keys, i’ve mapped Overwrite Edit, render effect, remove effect, Trim mode (which cycles through left, right and centre) find bin, match frame, add edit, audio mixer, audio tool, new video, new audio, add marker, go to next marker, go to previous marker, go to next and previous event, effect editor, effect pallate. and replace edit. I have zoom in/out on the timeline mapped to the wheel of my mouse through a third party program. There are others who will look at this list and say “i don’t map that key” and “why don’t you map this key” To each his (her) own.

    I will also add that I have recently added the large stream deck and two smaller stream decks to my desk, which allows a huge amount of flexibility when creating commands that are used all the time.
    Those with the Protools deck have taken my hands off the keyboard and mouse quite a bit, and certainly helped with the re-occurring carpel tunnel.


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