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  • Suggestions configuring 10-button DMX panel for church sanctuary

    Posted by Joe Weaks on January 27, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Our church is putting a new lighting system in the sanctuary, including a Doug Fleenor PRE10E-A 10-button panel, and I want to do some thinking through the most useful options for the setup.
    The lighting system will have house, 5 hanging spots, 12 hanging color led stage fills, and an accent light on the front cross. We’re a small church and will often just use the wall-panel to do minimal lighting changes instead of booting up the controller computer back at the booth.

    We’re brainstorming how to set up the buttons, especially whether to use Radio scene mode, or Push-On-Push-Off (POGO) mode. Anyone have experience with either and have thoughts to share?

    So is it best to think of a Radion scene setup like:
    1 House only
    2 House + cross
    3 House + cross + fill (color option 1)
    4 House + cross + all spots + fill (color option 1)
    5 House + cross + all spots + fill (color option 2)
    6 House + cross + all spots + fill (color option 3)
    7 House + cross + center spots + fill (color option 1)
    8 ?
    9 House dimmed + cross + fill (color option 1)
    10 All off

    Or maybe a POGO setup is better? Something like:
    1 House full
    2 House half
    3 Spots all
    4 Spots center
    5 Fill color option 1
    6 Fill color option 2
    7 Fill color option 3
    8 ?
    9 Cross on
    10 All off

    Maybe I’m not thinking about any of this correctly. Any suggestions on things to think through, etc. I know our AVL contractor will have ideas, would just like more from folks familiar with what works well in sanctuary worship settings.

    Thanks, Joe

    Joe Weaks replied 5 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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