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  • Sound speed change problems

  • Nick Bravo

    November 28, 2013 at 7:19 am

    I have converted MOV to ApplePro Res 422 (HQ). It’s supposed to be a speech, and in it, there are moments when the guy stops to read the script and just stares. I wanted to make these pauses shorter by speeding up the silent parts by 200%. The problem is, when I do that, the sped up audio track also captures few seconds from his following words. So I cant just speed up the silence, for some reason it also drags a sentence he says afterwards. I though it may be different when I’ll render it, but it’s still the same.
    I don’t remember having such problems in the past. I’m shooting with the same camera.. I have another soundtrack, will try to use that.

    Any ideas, why it does that guys ? Thank you.

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