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  • sorenson presets for web?

  • Dale

    July 22, 2006 at 10:01 am

    Just wanted to throw my workflow out there to do with compressing video for the web (progressive download)
    I’m new to it- reasonably happy with my results but thought i’d run a few things up the flagpole.

    I export out of avid as QT movie (animation best quality) 320×240 and select sq pixel 16×9.

    Sorenson- I just use the presets- Large- about 900kpb/s, medium about 400kpb/s, small about 200 kpb/s. This encompasses QT, Windows media, MPEG4 and Real Media.

    My q’s…

    1: the presets though a little “furry looking” seem a fair quality but is it worth squeezing a little more out of them? (I’m working in dv25-PAL)

    2: In regards to 400kb/s what can this file type be used for? reading around the forums here suggests 200 kpbs for dial up and around that 900kb/s for broadband.

    3: is it worth deinterlacing the files being they will play on progressive computer monitors?

    4: the producer has enquired with me about increasing the screen size of the 200kb/s file… is it worth trying this or should dial up people just have to deal with a tiny size?

    5: Any other worthwhile tips- if u have time?


  • Charles Simonson

    July 24, 2006 at 3:10 pm

    1.) You could try tweaking, but depending on the codec and source, you might not be able to squeeze much more out of it. Make sure you have two-pass and VBR selected.

    2.) You are correct in that the “medium” could be left out if necessary. You certainly want to have both a “high” and “low” quality version available, and medium is generally there for dial-up users who want something better than the low version, but don’t want to spend the time to download the high version.

    3.) Yes, I would recommend deinterlacing.

    4.) At 24Kbps, the largest I would go is a total of under 80000 pixels (W x H). You could bump that up to around 100000 total pixels if you were to use a bit rate around 35 – 40Kbps (~300kbps).

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