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  • Solution to severe timeline lag?

     John Perez updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 4 Posts
  • John Perez

    January 15, 2021 at 11:19 am

    My timelines are very sluggish and I’m looking for a solution. Will increased RAM help to do this? Or a new video card? (NVIDIA GeForce GT 610) My HP machine is from 2011. Here are it’s specs:


    HPE-580t (2011)

    Intel Core I-7 CPU [email protected]

    RAM 8GB

    64 – Bit Operating System, x64 based processor.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thx, Johnny

  • Red-Rob Rothkopf

    January 15, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    (1) I can only compare your CPU to mine for reference. Your Core i7-950 (Q2 2009) compared to my i7-7700K @4.2Ghz (Q4 2016). My “CPU Mark” is 9709, yours is 3087, at I have 32 GB RAM vs your 8 GB.

    (2) My graphic card (Radeon RX 470, 2016) has a slightly faster clock, but much faster bus interface. # of Samples of mine is 10619 vs 4825 of your GeForce GT610. G2D Rating (whatever that means LOL) is 706 vs your 125. G3D Mark of mine is 7958 vs your 298.

    (3) *my* machine can easily edit real-time 1080p footage and most 4K footage depending on how high a bitrate it was recorded on. It can edit 4-6 HD cameras pretty smoothly too (multi-cam), but throw 4K into the mix and it drops significantly in that setup. My GPU is a Radeon RX470 w/4GB dedicated RAM.

    So.. that said, questions!

    Q1: what type of footage are you trying to edit? What resolution and bitrate?

    Q2: When you say it’s “very sluggish” on the timeline — if you dropped a single typical video clip into your timeline — in what way, and what times, is it sluggish you you? (how do you observe the sluggishness)

    My thoughts (and I’m no expert, just a long-experienced ex-computer geek):

    1. 8 GB is baseline these days. My *guess* is that low RAM is causing OS memory swapping (to disk to be happening, and Vegas unable to cache/read much of your video file into memory causing more disk I/O to be going on. Increasing RAM in this case would help a lot

    2. You’re probably using standard spinning disk drive.. probably 5400RPM. IF you are experiencing excessive disk I/O, replacing that with an SSD drive that works in your system, would make booting, loading AND overall Vegas program faster too

    3. If the CPU benchmark is any indication, my CPU is like 3x faster than yours. If your CPU is doing all the work on your computer, a faster CPU would indeed help everything go faster

    4. Often, and when enabled, your video card can handle the decoding of video for display, and also be used to help render, process transitions, and do other things. How I’m interpreting the benchmark info, your card isn’t doing you any favors as compared to newer, faster cards

    So — THAT all said — one place to start might be to open the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-ESC) and look at the Memory utilization, CPU utilization, and Disk Utilization — the idea here is to see if you can figure out where your bottleneck is that’s slowing things down.

    I’d also take a pop over to the Performance Tab. Especially with laptops I’ve seen the CPU get throttled at a RIDICULOUSLY low number on a few machines.. like instead of climbing up to one of my machine’s max of 3.2Ghz, it was “locked” at 800Mhz… EVERYTHING on that machine was so slow! (on those laptops, we run an app called “throttlestop” which un “sticks” their CPU and they works properly)

    Don’t know if this helps you at all.. maybe a forward step towards a better experience?

  • John Perez

    January 15, 2021 at 11:09 pm

    Incredible reply, which will take me a little while to answer your excellent questions. Thanks so much and I will reply soon…

  • John Perez

    January 17, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    If purchasing, will I be getting a new video card or graphics card? Thx!

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