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  • Silly render issue for rigged models

  • Zach Thomas

    January 1, 2021 at 1:42 am

    Hi all! I am trying to resolve an issue with my rigged models for still frame renders. They were rigged with Mixamo then imported into C4D for posing. Once I posed my joints, I attempted to set the Bind Pose for all of the models (both by simply pressing Set Bind Pose and by Shift-clicking Set Bind Pose per instructions.) However, only some of the posing on one of my models remains intact on render. All of the rest of the posing resets every time I attempt to render. Is there any way to resolve this issue without baking the models every time? It would greatly speed up our lookdev process.

    It would also be lovely to be able to Undo a single change to a joint’s parameters without the entire skeleton resetting to its T-pose — is this another Bind Pose issue?

    I’m sure it’s something I’m missing!


    Many thanks.

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