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  • Serious Caching/preview issues.

  • Sami Bayley

    January 26, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    So, I’m having some really awful caching/preview issues. It seems when I have a heavy project, AE just freaks out every couple of minutes. Happens in most project/comps, unless things are REALLY simple.

    So a few things are happening:

    1.) I’m working away, and all of a sudden AE will just freeze up, become unresponsive (no error or window saying “unresponsive, just AE isnt responding to clicks) for like a whole minute, and then start working seamlessly again.

    2.) Scrubbing through timeline after un-soloing a layer or group of layers I’ve been working on specifically for a while, comp viewer goes black while I’m scrubbing, and when I stop scrubbing it shows the same frame in comp viewer regardless of where I am in the timeline, no preview render bar progress (bar underneath comp viewer). Sometimes the same thing will happen, but no black screen while scrubbing, just stuck on the same frame. I have to walk away from my computer, or go and do something else until it sorts itself out. Sometimes its 10 seconds, sometimes 2 or 3 minutes.

    3.) Working away, scrubbing through, everything working fine. Hit space bar to preview, and absolutely nothing happens, AE freaks out. This normally triggers problem number 2, cant see anything, same frame throughout timeline. BUT the really weird thing is, if I just wait 8 seconds for the new “speculative preview” to kick in, it previews perfectly, no lagging, no freezing.

    Also having extremely odd things happening when switching resolution. Things are getting slow, so I switch to third res for an hour, finish what I’m doing and want to make sure everything looks OK in full res, switch to full res and I’m scrubbing BEAUTIFULLY, no stuttering, frames caching IMMEDIATELY when I scrub over them. Whereas 5 minutes before in Third res, it was much slower (can’t be that full res frames are still in cache after a whole hour, or even two?).

    It’s really winding me up. 12 years i’ve been in AE and for some reason, even now with MFR, I still remember things being MUCH faster and having less performance issues.

    PC has great specs:


    GTX 1070

    64gb RAM

    Dedicated 500gb m.2 cache drive

    OS and Work files on separate 500gb m.2

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