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  • sequence settings, video,stills resolution vs. final output

  • Eric Holzapfel

    October 23, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Hello Members,
    Kudos to creative cow and the podcasts! AE, FCP, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
    the forums and podcasts really help.

    I have a basic question here. I create projects in FCP 7 (for the moment) where I am mixing content
    from After Effects, Photoshop, and video from 3 sources. I transcode the video from an iPhone, a Canon SX200, and a Canon 5d to Apple ProRes 422.

    In the case for this project the final version is destined for DVD, 16×9.

    My question is what sequence settings should I use to edit this mixed content. The video from the 5d is 1080, and the video from SX200 and iPhone is 1280×720. Should I transcode the 1080 to 720, and set the sequence for 1280×720 for editing? The stills are all set to 853×480 in photoshop. I have been using sequence settings of 720×486 CCIR 601 NTSC (40:27), with an anamorphic pixel aspect ration for 16×9. The compressor settings are Uncompressed 10 bit.

    Sadly, I am still wondering about the difference/relationship between “easy setup” for capture, and the sequence settings for editing.

    I will guess that I could use 1280×720 sequence settings (?). The 853×486 stills seem to be fine with the NTSC settings I am currently using.

    I ask this question – as I ran into a problem when I created an AE piece for this project using 853×486 pixel size, then imported the rendered AE movie to the FCP timeline – it was stretched some horizontally. I submitted the rendered QT file from AE to Compressor and set Compressor for 720×486 “anamorphic.”

    Is there any sense to my workflow here, or is there a better way to do this?


    FCP,AE,Photoshop,Motion, etc.

    Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop

  • Chris Tompkins

    October 24, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    You Shot HD, You should Edit HD.

    Now, those stills seem small. Can you get originals?
    Can you resize?

    If the stills need to be the best with the current size, I might edit in a SD sequence. DV NTSC Easy setup.

    If you do this, when the edit is locked, change the sequence to 10 bit Uncompressed and re render all and then export using “Current settings”.

    Take that file into compressor to create your deliverables.

    BUT, My first choice would be to edit in a 720p sequence. Drop the 1080 in there and get larger stills. Make sure all the Frame Rates Match!

    Chris Tompkins
    Video Atlanta LLC

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