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  • Seeking linear playout scheduler that doesn't cost fortune

  • Ted Bragg

    January 18, 2021 at 12:16 am

    Im running a YT livestream from our local machine, and we want to put all shows, bumpers, ads, etc on a schedule, rather than just flywheeling it with a playlist. Currently we’re testing by using OBS but not married to it. Vmix and vidBlaster are too complicated for what we need.

    Itd be nice to 1) load all video clips, 2) define time of day playback and 3) send to output window for OBS (or whatever we end up using) for pushing out to YT.

    We’re using our local connection inhouse bcuz of no data cap @ 250Mbps upload.

    The rarity and expense of Timers/schedulers have turned out to be a most unwelcome surprise. What should I do? Im ready to give up, so frustrated

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