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  • SD Timeline Set-Up & Management for 2k delivery

  • shawn convey

    December 13, 2022 at 1:25 pm

    Hey all, I am about to (finally) start editing some footage I shot SD back in 2008 and I want to set up my Resolve timeline for success.

    It was shot on a DVX100a / 24p / SD with a RedRock Micro 35mm lens adapter (180° rotated image, baked in grain).

    I have a lot of footage and I want to make sure I am setting up my project / timeline correctly.

    Here’s the tech info:


    – 60hrs of legacy footage

    – SD Footage (Pana DVX100a w/ RedRock Micro 35mm lens converter (so baked in grain))

    – 24p (I think Panny’s 24p for the DVX line was a bit “different” than industry standard)

    – 720×480 / FoV 35° / Horizontal Resolution 490 Lines


    – 2k Delivery (possibly 4:3 possibly 16:9 if possible)

    – Non-Square pixel format (NTSC DV / .9)


    – Editing Resolve Studio 18.1.1

    – Up-scale (res) Topaz Video AI (maybe)


    – What timeline resolution to edit in if end product is going to be upscaled?

    – If / When to us Resolves “Super Scale” settings (if in the end Topaz will be used (still not sure))

    – Filed Dominance / Pull Down – I had a lengthy chat with Joey D’Anna about a possible AE workflow BEFORE Resolve introduced their own real-time Pull Down feature… Now that they do have it I am a bit confused as to the best method.

    – The baked in grain seems to throw off some of the up-scale software (creating artifacts) I am still testing this but Topaz’s newer AI releases seem to be a bit promising… not sure

    I plan on taking the next week or so to ready the footage, as I have subtitles that have been done in older versions of premiere and I will need to account for that as well as rotating the image, getting the clips field dominance and pull-downs in order at the very least.

    I am looking for any and all Tips, workflow options, and “gotcha’s” that you can see.


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