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  • Responsive design intro / outro troubles

  • Andy Engelkemier

    January 10, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    I know, this is Kind of a premiere post also, but put it here because…it seemed more correct.

    So I created a title that has an on and off animation. I created protected regions using the create intro and create outro protection. Only, that didn’t seem to work.

    What I expected: My intro region and outro region would move that time with the in and out point of my premiere timeline.

    What happened: The intro always moves to the input, but the outro stays at a set time from the beginning. Extending the timeline does nothing. The in and out animations are on a 5 second timeline in AE, and the out animation always ends at 5 seconds.

    So, not sure how to get that right. And I can’t find anything that says how to do it. Common problem with adobe help files. They say you Can do something, but they don’t often share How. It’s like…Using the intro and outro buttons you can set the intro and outro for premiere. Yeah, thanks help file. I got that, but it didn’t work…so Now what?

    I’m thinking maybe I have to set that as a property maybe? Not sure because protected region works…but even if it’s in the beginning or end, it scales. Even though, that Should be like dividing by 1, so should stick to the in or out point. but it only seems to work in the middle.

    So is this a bug, or am I just missing something?

  • Andy Engelkemier

    January 10, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    Well, now I’m having even More troubles. So I have to wonder if they are related.

    When you add some text, you have an option to add “enable font size adjustment.” Well, that came through, but it doesn’t do anything.
    I added tracking as an animation item, and that works. But that’s a separate item.

    Also all my items are now highlighted red. This happened as soon as I changed to a different composition in AE. But it didn’t go back when I went back to the comp.

    It’s fairly annoying that you can’t Update a title you created. But what can you do? Another one of Adobe’s Mostly finished features released to everyone without fully documenting it.

    And before you say, “no, here’s the documentation.” I’ll save you the trouble:
    And scroll to the bottom to find the one liner about sending it to Premiere.

    I tested my protected section within aftereffects. I used the comp, and sure enough. No need to retime. You just stretch the end point. And yes, it works exactly as you’d want it to.

    This is really making me feel like this is just a bug. They didn’t list it in their known issues though. So maybe just not many people are using this yet? If it actually worked, then it would be pretty darn nice. But it seems like only a few things work ok.

  • Liviu Lungu

    September 12, 2019 at 10:09 am

    I have the exact same issue. Stretching the comp works as it should in AE but in Premiere, no matter how much I stretch the comp, the duration is always the same. That makes this whole feature pretty much useless for an AE to Premiere Pro motion graph template workflow.

  • Jonathan DelRosario

    January 11, 2022 at 1:19 pm

    I had a similar issue where I set the Intro and Outro and exported it as a template, but it wasn’t working when I tried using the template Premiere. The problem I found was that there was audio in the After Effects composition within the Intro and Outro. Once I removed the audio, it worked! I wish Adobe would display a warning for this situation!

    Hope this helps!

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