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  • Resolve 15 Premiere Pro XML output preset bugged?

  • Hanqin Lin

    October 26, 2018 at 6:44 am

    Hi there,

    So recently I just edited a project in Premiere and finished grading with the newest Resolve 15 Studio. Then I proceeded to the export part. I selected the Premiere Pro XML preset from the top. I selected all the usual export parameters, ProRes 422HQ, 1080p, 48 frames handle and such… And proceeded with the render.

    After it’s done, I realized that it didn’t create the XML file for me to do the roundtrip in premiere, which, well, I thought I knew how to deal with. So I went back to resolve, and realized that I have deleted the job from the render queue, I knew if I were to export a XML from the edit page, it would link to the original ungraded files, and I used to do a little trick that works. I re-added the render job, and then do an export in the edit page. In the past, this would usually result in an XML that’s properly linked to the graded footage, but this time it didn’t.

    Or partially did… When I import the XML into premiere, only part of my clips are linked correctly, but all the RED camera clips are all offline, I then proceeded to do a manual relink hoping premiere will automatically relink the rest. But it didn’t work. I’ve tried different ways, including exporting AAFs or EDLs, but all of them will stubbornly relink to the original file.

    So it seems like… once you do a roundtrip render out of Resolve and deleted the now completely job, and somehow accidentally lost the XML file that it generated during the render(or in this case, it never generated an XML file at the first place). There is no way to get a new XML file that’s properly linked to the graded clips.

    I’m re-rendering the entire thing now, hoping that it will generate an XML, but if somehow it doesn’t. Is there any workarounds? Thoughts?

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