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  • Resolution Issue – Project set up for MASSIVE billboard

  • Matt Walker

    August 18, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I’m having a little bit of a nightmare with a project I’ve been assigned, all to do with resolution/ working file size…

    I’ve been designing A2 posters for past few weeks and they have all gone well. I’ve now been put to task designing a 25 meter by 2.4 meter
    display for a large wall at work.

    The problem is, I’m unsure of how I should go about this – creating a 1/2 or even 1/4 scale document makes the file size at the smallest 1.5GB
    (1/4 size and 300dpi) and I can only save as a PSB, TIFF or RAW. The printer is requesting a PDF.

    I’m by no means whatsoever a graphic designer so my understanding of resolution is limited to my photography and videographer knowledge.

    Can anyone suggest document settings that I can use for this document please? I really am struggling and it needs to be to the printers by Friday morning.

    People viewing the board are to be standing approx 1.5m closest to it, if that’s of any use.

    I’d been setting things up at:

    Width: 6250mm
    Height: 600mm

    This is scaled to 1/4 size of final arrangement and comes in at 1.5GB as I’ve said but i can only save as PSB, not PDF.

    If anyone can help me I shall name my firstborn after you and toast to your health daily with much merriment!

    All the best and many thanks in advance,

    Matt, the design moron.

    I came, I saw, I shall take copious notes.

  • Jeff Hinkle

    August 18, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    First step is to ask the printer what they want for delivery. We do billboards quite frequently and our printer has us typically work at 1/2″=1′ scale at a higher resolution. Start with your printer and ask what they want. Beats guessing. Then build your document to their specs and save according to their directions (color space, file type, etc.)

    It is easier to destroy than to create.
    More fun, too.

  • Jonathan Ziegler

    August 19, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Talk to the pome inter and find out what they need. Billboards are typically much lower resolution than print (as high as 150dpi). Make sure you’re in 8-bit mode so you can save your file as a psd – i’d do the layout in Indesign though.

    Save early. Save often.

    Jonathan Ziegler

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