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  • Resize text within a fixed bounding box ( multiline )

  • Adam Greenberg

    November 14, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a way to edit text within a text bounding box, so that I will be able to resize the text accordingly but also keep the relative leading (line spacing).

    here is an example of text within a bounding box that is slightly smaller than the blue box. And in my project, this blue box is a fixed position and size in all templates.

    If I use scale on the text layer, the bounding box will scale also, so this is not what I need, see below

    If I use the text font size within the character window, the bounding box is respected, but the line spacing is constant, so the smaller the text, the more space there is between the lines relative to the size. see below

    Below is an example of what I want, but once I edited the text size, I needed to manually set the leading

    And for more advanced control, I would like to have an expression clamp between a minimum and maximum size for the text size.

    But I don’t mind that the user needs to manually slide the font size up or down until the sentence fits in the box.

    Thanks very much

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