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  • Remote music duets filming and audio

  • Ray Butler

    January 1, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    What is recommended way to have 2 performers – vocal and gtr filmed separately give illusion they are in the same space? And the process of 2nd person accurately overlaying their audio/visual? I use green screen for my solo gtr videos. If i use the background of the vocalist’s recording space ( which would be a room for example of the inside of a church or beautiful home room with decorations. I would do my take on green screen and use that background. , what i can’t figure is the best position in my video frame for me and her so that it will appear we are side by side ? I think the scaling part of the green screen can work as long as i know,dimemsions of room and have green screen material on my floor,when recording. And if we do post edit zooms etc, if the zooming is scaled proportionately ( performer and green screen room,) it wont look like the subject is getting larger or smaller with a stagnant background dimension.

    Other question is how to best record the lst performer’s segment , so that other performer can hear it without latency issues when recording their video. Is there hardware that can do this real time? I so much wish the recording could be done live in same room, but other issue is the geographical distance of performers. Thank;s Ray Butler

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