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  • Recorded file not in focus from HPX370

    Posted by Francis Leenders on June 25, 2018 at 8:20 pm

    Have read the posts on focus problems with this camera, but here is one I haven’t seen.

    EVF any LED screen show sharp focus zoomed in all the way. Still looks focused after zooming all the way out and framing the shot, but the recorded file is burry (like a back focus issue but fuzzier.)

    Have check back focus, have unmounted and remount lens, have tried different P2 cards and recording off of SDI output. Still a focus problems. Rarely, if ever change any seatings.

    Any ideas?

    Francis Leenders
    Digital Media Producer
    The City of Oklahoma City

    Tom Matthies replied 5 years, 11 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Gary Adcock

    June 25, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Check the EYEPIECE Diopter settings.

    if the eye piece is sharp and the image is not, the diopter setting in the EVF is set incorrectly.

    gary adcock

    Post and Production Workflow Consultant
    Production and Post Stereographer
    Chicago, IL

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  • Tom Matthies

    June 25, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Just had this happen to me this weekend. I shot outside in bright sunlight and forgot to dial in ND Filter 4, instead shooting on Filter 3 with the lens stopped down to a very small opening. It was so bright shooting that it was difficult to see a good picture in the viewfinder. When the aperture on the kit lenses for this camera is closed down to a very small opening, the picture will be blurred, especially on wider shots. (iris blade diffraction?) It looks just like a back focus issue, but worse as you noticed. The trick is to dial in Filter 4 to get the aperture opened wider and even throwing an extra ND or a polarizer on the lens. The sweet spot for these lenses seems to be around f-5.6 to f-8. The smaller the opening, the fuzzier the picture. I figured this out years ago but it still catches me once in a while…like this weekend for instance.

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