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  • Reconnecting Media

  • James Haefner

    August 26, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    I want others to benefit from my next question.

    I recently transferred media over to another drive, while my primary drive gets sent in for diagnosis and repair.

    However, when I tried to Reconnect with my current project the files are still associated with the other drive. How do I associate all this media and files with the current drive it lives on.

    When I was trying to reconnect it was not that seamless. Error messages were popping up about Media Start – End points, etc. Perhaps I was not connecting properly, if someone could walk me through the right way, I be very grateful. thanks.

  • Bouke Vahl

    August 26, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    i’m not sure how the relation with drive works, but i do know a bit about Reconnecting.

    All your files are offline. If not, and you have relinked wrong, make them offline. (Do make a copy of your project)

    You’ve COPIED the files to another disk, leaving file names and path names identical.

    Then, select your clips, choose ReConnect, set a folder to start if you like, searching and press SEARCH.
    DO NOT PRESS LOCATE! (that one is only if files are renamed, in that case, and if you have a lot, you are going to pay me, more on that later…)

    If all is well, FCP will find a clip. Do have ‘Name and Reel’ selected. Select ‘connect others’ (or whatever, i’m behind a PC right now)

    This way FCP should be able to locate all clips.
    If your media is an identical copy of the first drive, FCP SHOULD NOT complain about non-matching TC or REEL. That can only happen if you try to reconnect to altered media. Warnings should not have to be a problem in some situations, but in your case, it’s BAD.

    If you however have changed a lot of stuff, try my FcpReconnect app:

    But in your case, if my assumptions are right, you should be able to fix it without this.


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  • Nick Meyers

    August 27, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    broadly, there’s two ways to go about it.

    one way is to use the MEDIA MANAGER to make a copy of all you media to a new location.

    settings would be:
    COPY mode
    DONT delete unused
    Base Media FIe Names on: Existing File Names

    you would also request a new project.
    that will be connected to that new media, and all should be great.

    only downside of this is that ALL the copied media winds up in one single folder.
    if you’re anything like me, or 99% of the editors i know,
    you’ll have some sort of folder structure in place for where you put your media:
    captures, music, VO, graphics etc, etc.

    now, for lots of reasons, i DONT want that to be completely messed up.
    one really good reason, especially in your case, is that if you ever try to reconnect to the ORIGINAL media,
    you’ll have to go thru the same business you’re going thru now.

    so the other way is basically what you have done.
    manually copy your media folders to a new drive.

    the real trick to a seamless transition is to use exactly the same file path on the new drive as you did on the old,
    INCLUDING changing the name of the drive.
    if you have every thing the same except the drive name is different,
    FCP will need prompting, and that could lead to problems.

    FWIW re reconnect warnings:
    i have gotten those sometimes on audio files, like AIFFs, for no reason i could figure out.
    (maybe they were 44.1khz, and they threw FCP off?)
    anyway, they always connected fine, despite the warnings.


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