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  • real time capture with Aja Kona LHi 00

  • Lucia secco

    April 17, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    I am from Uruguay so please, forgive my bad eanglish.
    I work in a video field. We have discovered a colección of 16mm movies and we want to digitalize them.
    We are using a “telecine”. With this machine we can proyect the 16mm movie, use a “telecine” to reproduce the image that can be capture by a digital camera and then, capture this image with the Aja card.
    We have a very good mac pro, the aja card. We have made tests with a Sony Betacam camera using a BNC cable to connect the camera with the Aja. That works perfectly.
    Now, we want to buy an HD camera to do this but we have no much money. We want to try with a photo camera. We try with Nikon D5100 and a compact video camera Panasonic TM900. We have problems with the data transmission. The image is not being capture in real time. Is shown very slow.
    Maybe some of you know which is the problem (If you could understand this. it is hard for to explain in spanish, so…)
    I don´t know if it is the HDMI cable we use between the camera and the Aja card or if it is the camera that does not transmit the information in real time. Or maybe it is the Aja card.
    I really appreciate your held.


  • Ian Liuzzi-Fedun

    June 2, 2012 at 2:55 am

    While capturing in final cut the video displayed does not look realtime but it will be when you play it back

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