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  • Jamie Franklin

    October 7, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Hi all.

    I’m migrating over to PPro CS5 from FCP. Actually, to be more accurate, I’m coming back to PPro and I have a couple of questions on workflow regarding R3d to Color.

    I have done my best to use the google and other forums and searched here to find a “Whitepaper” of sorts and have been quite surprised to see very little information on this workflow. Mostly broadstrokes like: “export xml/clipfinder/HQ Proxies(huh??)/Color or go the DPX route.

    Ok. Sounds easy right? Well, if anyone has seen this and tried it, I suspect you would be banging your head against a wall as I have if you’d prefer to stay in the Raw format and I have yet to find a cut detection in Color if I go the DPX route.

    I tried an EDL instead bypassing Clipfinder (I’ll understand if you stick me with a hot poker for that) and I have successfully output an EDL to Color and can manually link the RAW red files individually. Relinking the media has been unsuccessful in a batch and I hope this is because I’m not familiar with Color and unclear if there is a step I’m missing without having to migrate to FCP to conform first…

    I have all support plugins from Red.

    If required, I will move to DPX. Is there a plugin for cut detection for Color?

    I can use DaVinci Resolve if needed, but since I won’t be able to afford a panel, I’m unclear in this area as well if my colorist can get away without one and if it’s just an efficiency tool.

    Many thanks and I appreciate the help.


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