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  • quicktime output cannot be read by premiere pro

    Posted by Peter Wu on April 20, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    I created some VFX in resolve and export to quicktime format. I tried both go pro cineform, DNHR codec. The output can be played in VLC player, but cannot be read by premiere (got an error). I have imported many mov files (not from resolve) into premiere without issues until now. Has anyone any success in outputting a video file with alpha from resolve and importing it into premiere?

    Alternately, is there a way to output an mp4 file with only the alpha channel? This would allow me to export two mp4 files, one with black background but no alpha, and another with only alpha.

    I’m using the free version of resolve on Windows 10.

    Peter Wu replied 5 months ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • Steven Martillo

    April 20, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    Hi Pedro! to create a video with alpha channel in DaVinci Resolve and then import it into Adobe Premiere make sure you have the “Export with alpha channel” option selected in the export settings. Try using different codec settings and export settings if you keep encountering errors in Premiere.

    DaVinci Resolve does not support direct export of MP4 files with alpha channel. However, you can export a MOV file with alpha channel from Resolve and then use other video conversion software to convert it to MP4 with alpha channel. There are several video conversion tools available online that allow you to export MP4 files with alpha channel, such as “Adobe Media Encoder” or “FFmpeg”.

  • Riccardo Luppi

    April 21, 2023 at 7:01 am

    Hey Peter,
    could you add a screenshot of your export settings from DaVinci and one of the error you get in Premiere?

    Usually, .mov files should not be a problem for Premiere, even if alpha is involved. That said, you could opt for an alternative route: exporting a normal video (with black or even normal background instead of alpha) + a matte from DaVinci.

    Exporting the matte is easy. Simply duplicate the clip in the timeline and in the duplicate use the Custom Curve or any other means to make all the matte portion of the image white. This way you’ll get a video where your matte is white and alpha is black. You can then feed that into the Premiere along with the normal video and that should do the trick.

  • Peter Wu

    April 21, 2023 at 7:50 pm

    While trying to make a screen shot of my export setting, I found a setting that works:

    Format: quicktime

    codec: GoPro CineForm

    type: RGB 16-bit

    with alpha

    This creates a .mov file with alpha that I can import into premiere with no error. I thought I tried this before but maybe I made a mistake.


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