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    Posted by Malcolm Karpeta on July 10, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes.
    Ok guys, here’s a weird one I cannot find an answer to.
    I am trying to capture old Mini DV tapes from a Sony Handicam to my Mac Pro with Quick Time player using a fire wire, something I have been doing for years. Not using my FCPX as it stops at timecode breaks.
    Now my latest job involves 12 tapes but suddenly I am having problems. Either:
    I get the message “Recording has stopped, try recording again” at random places on the tape, sometimes 5 mins sometimes 55 mins, the latest at 40 mins.
    I have also noticed that if there is a “gap” in the recording, (blue screen) not a cut, the player also stops recording. Something it has never done before, with the controls being manual on the cam, it should just keep recording…? In the past if I have left the Player recording and the tape ends I end up with 30+ mins of blank screen that I have to crop.
    Or the weirdest I have just encountered is, having watched the player record for 56 mins (Yes, I did actually watch it all) and after saving it has only recorded/saved the last 15 mins!
    I have checked my drives, plenty of space, over 1.5Tb on each. I have changed the firewire port on my tower.
    I am at a loss and would appreciate any light that can be shed on this.
    Many thanks

    Malcolm Karpeta replied 3 years, 10 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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