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  • Questions about proper file resolution and relinking for AMA

  • Kell Smith

    December 16, 2017 at 1:13 am

    Hello, I’m going from a project that is done with transcoded proxies from AMA (dnx50) to DVD. It’s edited and I’m not completely sure what the next step is to go to higher resolution files and output for DVD. But I need to do it quickly.

    I am just learning Avid so please bear with me. I”m starting to get the hang of it but am just learning the output workflow.

    There are a LOT of files in a LOT of bins that will need to be redone into higher resolution files. Is it possible to use what’s only been edited?

    If it’s helpful, here’s the workflow: The workflow was, transcode original mpeg and quicktime files into dv so they can be AMA’d. Some files were imported that were mp4s and such. I reviewed the original files, subclipped and transcoded the subclips that ended up being used. Still there is a lot of extra material not in the timeline.

    Any help as soon as possible would be so very appreciated. Thank you

  • Glenn Sakatch

    December 16, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    (if im reading this correctly) The fact that you transcoded to a format (dv) then ama’d then transcoded again does muddy this up a bit. Typically you would ama then transcode and edit.

    You can try to ama to your original clips (mpgs and quicktimes) and try the relink listed below.
    If that doesn’t work because of timecode issues, or something else that happened when you made the dv clips, then you can try to relink to your Ama’d dV clips.

    If you still have your ama files, then collect them all up, select them in 1 or multiple bins.

    In your edit bin, duplicate your timeline, right click on it and select the relink option. From there go to the relink to all selected clips in open bins. Play with the settings a bit. I usually change my name column to the second dropdown choice, rather than the default. Ignore extensions, and turn off match case.

    There are tons of posts of this workflow on the cow. Do a search for ama relink or something like that.

    For the files that you imported, you can select those and batch reimport. Avid will give you the opportunity to change your import resolution if need be to a higher resolution. (right click on a clip and select batch re import)


  • Kell Smith

    December 17, 2017 at 5:13 am

    Thanks Glenn.
    It’s ready to export now, so i will try this tomorrow -in a copy of the project in case something goes haywire.
    I had to go with proxies since the project was so large AMA would have choked things up.

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