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  • question about an andrew kramer tutorial

     Simon Bonner updated 12 years, 8 months ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • chris newman

    May 27, 2008 at 2:16 am

    i know this is a dated tutorial but i have a question about the “swirlies” tutorial (using particular to simulate the 2G ipod nano commercial).

    i follow everything except for the background layer of total black. i’m not sure why it’s there. the frustrating thing is i want to key the swirlies over something, but when i turn off the black background layer, the particles layer (the swirlies) turn white…they ignore the hue/sat. adjustment layer that is applied to them.

    so i guess two questions, why do the particles ignore the hue/sat. when the background layer is taken away, and why do you need the background layer in first place?

    (my best guess to make them keyable is to render them out, reimport the movie and apply screen mode, or just apply the unmult effect to the movie.

    any clarity anyone could shed on this would be appreciated.


    oh, the tutorial is on creative cow in the after effects tutorials

  • Simon Bonner

    May 27, 2008 at 10:13 am

    Andrew addresses this issue in a follow up tutorial in which he shows how you can composite the light streaks over existing footage.

    Also, I think there is now a videocopilot forum here at the Cow, which would be a good place for future questions of this kind to go.

    Simon Bonner

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