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  • QT/FCP5 acts strange after compressor

  • Francois Stark

    July 13, 2005 at 9:08 pm


    As a test I used compressor 2.0 today to compress a PAL DV clip to NTSC DV using it’s default preset: “Advanced standards conversion -> NTSC DV”. When I open up the source and converted clip in QT 7 viewers and play them at the same time, they stay in sync, PAL with 576 lines and NTSC with 480 lines – slightly squashed. QT info tells me the PAL clip is 25 FPS and plays at 25 FPS currently, and the NTSC clip is 30 FPS and plays 30 FPS currently.


    The idea is for me to play this clip out to a DSR-11 using firewire, set to NTSC.

    Now for the strange part: I open FCP with a new easy preset NTSC project and new NTSC DV timeline. When I drag the converted clip into FCP, the timeline needs to render…

    So I apple-9 the clip to see it’s properties and FCP tells me this clip is NTSC DV, 720 x 480, right aspect ratio etc, BUT ITS FRAMERATE IS 25 FPS! How does it figure that out! QT viewer tells me this same clip is 30 FPS!

    I guess there are many people on this forum running FCP in NTSC DV mode, so it is possible. But if FCP is not acting strange, then compressor must be writing the original framerate of 25FPS into the file in such a way that the QT 7 viewer does not see it, but FCP can. OR, QT7 uses the frame size (720×480) to override the frame rate to 30 FPS – but then WHY does it stay in sync?

    I still want to play the NTSC clip out to a NTSC tape, but if I render the current converted clip on the timeline, it plays very jerky – like the framerate conversion was just done in FCP without compressor’s motion compensation. Almost like compressor only changed the frame size and not the framerate.

    Strange issue – no resolution.


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