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  • Projecting a Slide Show (A-la Ad Agency Presentation)

  • Ace Billet

    April 14, 2005 at 3:14 pm

    I want to shoot someone who’s giving a presentation, using a projector on a white screen.
    Graphics and Data shown on the slides have animation (created on AE).
    What’s the preferred MO in this case:
    a. Project the graphics and shoot the person.
    b. Project nothing (i.e. some light) and composit the graphics in AE ?

    I tend to go with option b, of course (i can fix the graphics, animation etc. in post).
    how can I create a believeable look for this in AE ? Multiply the slide on the wall ? Lens Blur ?

    any help would be happriciated
    I saw the thread below about movie projection but I REALLY don’t want to use 3d lights – time killer !!!


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