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  • Problems with 3d text (Illustrator>Photoshop>Illustrator)

  • stuart kino

    March 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Could someone please help me to solve a problem I am having with 3d text…

    In Illustrator….
    I created a black background (well, a black rectangle that I placed as the background layer), then created some white text (Calibri font), converted it to “3D” using the the 3d effect. I wasnt happy with the brightness of the white (I wanted it to be “whiter”) so placed the text layer into photoshop, played around with the levels until I had the desired look. So far so good. I then placed the text back into Illustrator but the smooth edge of the text had become jagged.
    My question, as im sure you’ve guessed, is how do I keep from getting the jagged edges?

    Im pretty sure its got something to do with anti-aliasing but im not really sure what this involves or even means!

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

  • les nemeth

    March 11, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    Your description is a little abstract, starting with “placing the text layer into photoshop.” What is this mean? Did you export the AI file to a certain format and opened it in PS? Or you opened the AI file itself in PS? You can’t just “place” an AI text layer directly “into” PS without exporting it one way or the other.

    And when you did, chances are it became raster. And now you imported a raster image back into a vector program. So naturally you might see aliased artifacts.

    Chances are, whatever you did in PS can be accomplished in AI and that would keep it vector. Or worst case a raster, but setting the raster FX conversion to a high value would keep it antialiased.

    Also, AI can’t work with HDR images, so if something is white, you can’t make it whiter, unless you start out with a light gray or gray color.

    These are just guesses, since it’s kinda hard to make out what and how you did.

    You can verify that your raster fx settings are adequate enough in AI, but if you are dealing with an imported bitmap image, that won’t have any difference.

    You can also see if you have the same problem when you save your image for the web. For example, when you’re dealing with gradient meshes, 3D transforms, or other color blending FX, they appear aliased in the viewport itself (that’s latin for window/artboard), but once you export it, or looking at the art in the web output window, then there you can see the final image correctly, that is, antialiased.

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