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  • Premiere creates duplicate Dynamic Comps

    Posted by Claire Presnall on September 2, 2022 at 5:11 pm

    <div class=””>Built a bunch of graphics in AE via dynamic comps, and I have been reusing them throughout an edit. A super fun thing Premiere decided to do, is every time I “alt drag” a dynamic link comp in the timeline, it created a copy of that comp in my media folder in the project window (see image).</div><div class=””>

    Each of these copies refers to the same AE Comp as the original. If I make a change in the original animation in AE, it is reflected in all copies.


    If I copy/paste a dynamic link comp in my timeline, it does NOT create a duplicate in the project window. Only the alt drag system does.

    If I delete one of these copies in the project window, it will in fact delete all instances of that specific copy in the timeline.

    I guess I could go through and alt replace/shift alt replace each instance in the timelines (there are several), however, that sounds annoying and time consuming. I’m not seeing a handy way to just alt replace all instances in the project window like you can with AE, and apparently Premiere doesn’t see these as duplicates because “Consolidate Duplicates” did nothing.

    One thing I CAN do is remove the text “Copy ##” from the end of the file name. THEN Premiere says “oh hey, that’s a duplicate, and I can consolidate those.” Because of course.

    So anyone else have this issue?

    Any thoughts on how to prevent that from happening other than only duplicate in the timeline via copy/paste (because that doesn’t really jam with my style)?

    Any suggestions on clearing out these duplicates in a speedy manner?



    Claire Presnall replied 1 year, 8 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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