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  • John Chia

    March 23, 2006 at 11:27 am

    Hi guys, please pardon my poor english

    The ‘m2v’s that I have encoded from Popwire Compression Master 3.2.2
    seems to be duds!
    When I import them into my DVD Studio Pro 3, it needs to be re-encoded!
    Whats going on? I have tried the lowest to the highest bitrate template
    to no avail. I tried to bring them into Toast (no re-encode settings) –
    also requires re-encode!

    If any users of these 2 programs could give me some advise.. it would be

    On a side note, I brough the m2vs into my PC to author and burn – result
    was laggy and jerky
    On another side note, after I selected OPEN GOP on Popwire, Toast no
    longer needs to re-encode (strange huh?)

    Recently I tried to do all of these again on another G5. DVDSP justs
    quits unexpectedly as I try to import the m2vs!

    It is strange that when DVDSP imports and encodes MOV files – Quicktime
    recognises the m2vs and will play them whilsts m2vs encoded by others is
    shown as a Quicktime playable file.

    I hope someone can provide some advise to me. Thanks u all for reading!


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