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  • Pop up book “folding paper building” Help

  • Cam Holland

    August 8, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    Hi all,
    Very new to cinema 4d but worked out alot of things to this point. this one is giving me issue though.

    I have a popup book scene where a building is situated middle on the paper fold. It needs to fold out and scale up(Y) to 100% as the page opens. So it “kind of” pops UP as the page is folding out… its a paper house.

    At the moment I have just made a left and right parent to each page , basic. but you can see the idea.
    Video Example:

    Is there a method like a box mesh that is attached to the left and right side (page) and then folds the middle correctly as the page is turning over? Any ideas how to fold a house out and start to pop up mid page open.

    So just to recap I need a building to be attached to each side of a opening page and then grow up on the Y while the page is opening.


    Here is the c4d file also. attached

    Made in R25 but opens in R23,24 also. maybe even before them.

    1_R_Rotate / 1_joint.R is holding the Right side of the building
    1_L_Rotate / 1_joint.L is holding the Left side

    there is a full building outside of the parenting called “House_untouched ++++” at the top also.


    Thank you ,


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