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  • Point on multiple paths

  • Konstantin Detinenko

    August 6, 2020 at 8:08 am


    I have googled and experimented but still are looking for the best solution so please share your expertise.

    There is a lot of guides on how to use Trim Paths together with pointOnPath method but for my task I need to use Trim Paths on multiple paths (by using Individually mode) however, I could not find a way to use pointOnPath method correctly in this case.

    More details on my reasons for this task: I am planning to animate a lot of vector assets on a constant basis and have experimented that imported AI file can easily be converted to Shape layer (containing all the paths in 1 layer) and by adding 1 Trim Paths function to the bottom of the stack and choosing Individually mode allows to quickly animate appearance of the vector asset, but I would like to have access to coordinates of the point where stroke is being drawn at the moment to add a hand with a pen that draws it.

    I have created a sample AE project where in Comp 1 I came up with solution where every path would have its own Shape layer, Comp 2 is how I would like it to work and Comp 3 is another way that I came up using Tracking. If by any means my goal is not achievable please consider commenting on Comp 1 and Comp 3 solutions, but ideally I would like to make Comp 2 working.

    Thank you very much for any help!
    If I constructed question incorrectly please correct me as I am first time posting a thread here.

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