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  • Playing easy in keyframes using expressions.

  • Mackie john

    March 1, 2021 at 10:46 am

    I have a design that uses ease keyframes as below.

    I’m trying to play these keyframes using expressions but i can’t seem to match the speed of this. I know the distance between these two keyframes is 1.76 and i used something like below

    ti= linear(time,dur,dur+1.76,key(1).value,key(2).value);


    ti= easeIn(time,dur,dur+1.76,key(1).value,key(2).value);

    dur” here is the duration at what time i want to start playing this expression, so i do a check with an if statement as follows:

    if (time >= dur)


    ti= easeIn(time,dur,dur+1.76key(1).value,key(2).value);


    so it starts off playing this expression at the dur time but cannot match the speed of the keyframes. I’m applying this at the position property. So can see that for example at keyframe.time+18 frames the value of x is 131.5. But my expression produces a result for x as 484.8 at dur+18.

    So it’s playing way too slow. How do i fix this through expressions.

  • Kevin Camp

    March 1, 2021 at 5:22 pm

    Try using easeOut(). That should make the animation ease into the final value…

    This seems to produce very similar values in on my end, although not precisely the same:

    easeOut( time, key(1).time, key(2).time, key(1).value, key(2).value )
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