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  • parseInt from EditText field in extendscript

  • Avinash Ramanath

    December 14, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Hello All,
    Am unable to get input from a docked script. Please identify the problem for me. Many thanks

    Kindly help

    res = "group{orientation:'column',\
    groupOne: Panel{orientation:'row',\
    button1: Button{text:'R'},\
    button2: Button{text:'AM'},\
    button3: Button{text:'AI'},\
    groupTwo: Panel{orientation:'row',\
    durButton: EditText{text:'Dur'},\
    button1: Button{text:'UP'},\
    button2: Button{text:'DN'},\
    groupThree: Group{orientation:'row',\
    button1: Button{text:'Close'},\


    var keyframeInterval = parseInt(durButton.text);

    var duration = keyframeInterval;

    myPosition ="position");

    var positionProp ="position");
    var positionValue = positionProp.valueAtTime(1, false);
    var posX = positionValue[0];
    var posY = positionValue[1];


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