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  • P2 Card directory/file structure details

  • Ric Getter

    April 17, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Because I’m working at home and no longer have direct access to our video server, I’ve had to download some raw footage in P2 format for a project via Google Drive. (Our VPN software throttles connects to 2mbps and that has proven to be a bit to slow for the 250 GB of files I need.)

    Google Drive will let me slurp up a whole P2 card at once (that’s it’s limit for our service). It zips whatever it can and transfers the MXF files as is. (In another project, I discovered that it breaks things if you try to zip large files yourself and Google tries to re-zip them.)

    The “card” (the contents of the P2 card) is no longer readable by Premiere when I try to import it via the Media Browser using my normal workflow. It will see one card I downloaded as two very short files (audio and video) and another card will only show the folder hierarchy and not read as video at all.

    I did an audit and compared the downloaded contents to the original P2 file and everything seems to be there. I’m beginning to think that there may be something in the permissions or even file dates that may have gotten changed.

    I’m looking for a super-detailed tech document on P2 file and directory structures and how they’re supposed to work. The best I can find is the basic folder structure. I need information on permissions, locking, and any internal integrity checks the format uses.

    Anyone know where I can look?


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