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  • OWC and the TOLIS Group and Lumaforge acquisitions

     Tim Jones updated 4 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Tim Jones

    January 28, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    Hi Folks,

    Since these both belong in the Storage and Archiving realm, I wanted to clear up a few things about the acquisitions.

    In both cases, OWC did not purchase the companies, but rather the assets, intellectual properties, and the customer base from the companies. TOLIS Group and Lumaforge (as it existed) are no longer business entities.

    The next phase in the acquisition is to incorporate the Jellyfish, ArGest, and BRU product lines, as well as the joining team members, into the OWC systems and organization. This transition takes time as the products are rebranded, source code is vetted and transferred, and new and existing team members are brought up to speed on the new products.

    An unfortunate side effect with these types of evolutions is that it takes time to get things sorted so that all of the players – old and new – are working from the same play book. Add the necessity of getting that message to teams in multiple world-wide geographical locations, and things can get missed. The mistaken information regarding what OWC support does or doesn’t support being an example. We are working diligently to insure that all sales, support, and customer service teams know the full story regarding the acquisitions.

    If you are a current ArGest, BRU, or Jellyfish user, please be patient as we get this all sorted and smoothed out. All of the products from software to hardware will be coming online within the OWC system over the next couple of weeks.

    All of us from Lumaforge and TOLIS Group are excited by this new growth opportunity under the OWC realm and look forward to serving you all in the furture with both existing and new products.


    Tim Jones

    Chief Solutions Architect
    Other World Computing, Inc.,

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