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  • Eric Santiago

    March 5, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    Weird question.

    With all these Teams/Zooms whatnots happening across the corporate world, I’ve had the displeasure of having to take these stupid long videos and regurgitating them for internal use.

    If I sound annoyed, I am.

    These projects are hours of boring chatter. So hope you get me.

    Is there a cloud service that will suck these things in and have an option to create in/out points as video links?

    This way I don’t have to struggle through this hell 🙂

    I know on YouTube you can specify marker points but I would like something where you post a link and it will only playback the portion you desire.

    Does this sound crazy?

    Add VTT crap and you can see where my head explodes.

    Taking a two-hour meeting and having to create an SRT so I can edit it in an NLE is just plain stupid.

    Excuse my whining 🙂

    Blame it on the pandemic.

  • Mark Suszko

    March 8, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    Or the Bossanova….

    I get long, boring stuff to re-edit a lot. For captioning, I post it unlisted on a youtube channel, and let YouTube auto-caption it for me for free. I still have to add capitalizations and some punctuation, but it’s way less work than hand-typing it all, and the price is right.

    There is image posting code, used in internet forums, that will create links specifying a play range within a longer video. I don’t have an example to show you, sorry. But I see them used a lot.

    This part’s not what you asked for, but my two cents is, I try like heck to improve raw screen recordings like these, any way I can. I owe it to the viewers. So if I can add stylistic touches, supporting graphics, or tighten up a sequence with transparent editing, I will.

    One other thing I do as a viewer, and I can’t be the only one, is I almost always play back this kind of stuff in faster-than-real-time mode, on YouTube. We can hear and understand speech that’s faster than realtime, and for me, it reduces the boredom of following. I jump back to normal speed for things that are of particular interest, but I think many people just watch stuff in scrolling speeds all the time these days, we’re just more used to a faster pace of communication and information assimilation. If you watch TV show editing from two decades ago, you marvel at how darned slow everything is presented, relative to modern productions.

  • Eric Santiago

    March 16, 2021 at 7:21 pm

    Oooh, thanks for the reply.

    So many things to consider but def will look into that play range link you mentioned.

    I wonder if frame io would take that on?

    As far as making these pretty, it’s not required, heck I have to fight to add title cards and lower thirds… Heck, don’t even mention helping them with explainer graphics 😛

    I guess they are doing me a favor by avoiding that.

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