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  • New to C4d, problems with crashing

    Posted by Nicholas White on April 26, 2005 at 8:02 am


    As a regular of the After Effects forum here I’ve been following different posts concerning 3d apps and decided to give the v6 CE+ version a whirl, it was only $100 from the Maxon site and was recommended by a few people because of its power and price. So far I’m sort of overwhelmed by the amount of stuff it can do with all the neat tools and blown away at how FAST I’m able to create 3d stuff in it which would normally take hours to build in AE.

    I’m running XP on my computer and am having problems with the app not only crashing, but also shutting my machine down when I try to do things that have lots of points/polygons in them. For example, I downloaded a screwdriver model from a website, loaded it into c4d, rotated it to see what it looked like, and my computer shuts off. This is only an example; my computer has crashed on models that I have built from scratch as well.

    I was thinking that the problem might be that my computer isn’t running an OS for which my version of c4d was designed. I’ve tried to look in the manual and on Maxon’s website to see if there is a list of OS’s which this program supports, but not having any luck.

    Can any seasoned c4d users tell me what year this version was released and what OS’s it supports? I would very much like to take one of my older computers, reimage the drive with a spanking new OS, and install my c4d onto it to try to do some serious modeling. Also, can anyone tell me what ‘type’ of release it is I have: is it a light version, special education version, etc. I’m curious because there appears to also be an XL v6 out there, I’m not sure if I have the same version or not.

    Take care,


    Nicholas White replied 18 years, 5 months ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • Adam Trachtenberg

    April 26, 2005 at 2:23 pm

    AFAIK it should run fine on XP. What are the rest of your system’s specs (cpu, ram, graphics card, HD)?

    XL6 was the original release. I’m not sure what CE+ is. Maxon has released a couple of subsequent versions of R6, one with a 640×480 output limit and another without that limitation, but I don’t know what else.

  • Joe Bird

    April 26, 2005 at 2:38 pm

    My experience with lock-ups and crashes with c4d is that it is almost always video card related.
    Others may have different experiences, but mine are usually solved with new video drivers, new card,
    or even preference settings. As Adam asked, what are your specs and settings, maybe we can help trouble
    shoot your problem.

  • Nicholas White

    April 26, 2005 at 2:57 pm


    Thank you all for replying.

    I’m using a Dell Inspiron 8100 Laptop with:

    20gb HD
    512mb RAM
    NVidia GeForce2 Go 32mb
    drivers v.

    XP SP 2.

    For OpenGL, I have ‘enabled support for enhanced CPU instruction sets’.

    Take care,


  • Joe Bird

    April 26, 2005 at 9:20 pm

    I’m thinking that the graphics driver may need an update. the NVidia GeForce2 Go driver is probably not available on the nividia site, but I’d check the Dell site to see id a drive update is available. As always, make certain you have a good restore point for XP.
    try this link:

    One caveat, I am not a software or computer engineer, so get a second opinion if you are at all unsure about updating your drivers.
    good luck

  • Nicholas White

    April 26, 2005 at 10:57 pm


    No worries, I work with IT all day long, I’m not afraid of driver installation! I installed the same program on my work machine and haven’t had any issues (yet) using the same files which were causing my machine to crash. I guess I’ll have to update the driver on my laptop (although I thought I already did to see how AE would work with OpenGL) and see how things go.

    Thanks for replying,


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