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  • New QNAP Backup Software

  • Rich Rubasch

    May 7, 2021 at 12:24 am

    So I updated the firmware on my QNAP and all of a sudden my regular scheduled Backups to an external USB drive isn’t happening….turns out they eliminated the easy to use backup software for some new fangled thingy called Hybrid Backup Sync. Clunky as an Edsel. I figured out how to use the One Touch USB copy which is part of the new software but not sure that is a long term solution since it doesn’t do a schedule that I can see. So what, I have to push the button every time I need a backup? Does it back it all up again, or just new files? No way to know.

    Any third party options? I am using Carbon Copy Cloner on my local RAID and it does a backup every night like clockwork…very elegant. But Carbon Copy won’t copy the NAS on the QNAP thru the network. Only a single folder. Plus I’d rather just backup to the USB3 RAID hanging off the QNAP like the good old days (last week).

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