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  • Need help making burning embers or a cigarette cherry

  • Nick Bruzek

    December 30, 2021 at 5:27 am

    I got a new job making assets for a CBD company. I’m working on characters for ads, and have hit a bit of a brick wall. one of these characters is a joint, and they’ve requested everything be done in 3d. Turns out, I can’tfir the life of me remember how to make burning embers or a cherry (like the burning end of a cigarette). I’ve gone as far as getting x-partocles, but I guess it’s been considerably longer since I ised C4D, and cant seem to remember how to use it. Deadline was this afternoon, so any assistance would be greatly apreciated

  • Steve Bentley

    December 31, 2021 at 12:01 am

    XP is a big hammer for this but easy enough.

    Make a poly selection of the end of joint, set XP emitter to object and insert the joint and the selection tag in the emissions tab object and selection slots. Set speed to 0 and emission type to shot and just emit on the first frame – you probably won’t need many particles. Set display tab to gradient by age. and throw a black to white gradient in there.

    Add a cycles instance tag to the emitter and set the divisions to something low like 12 (you don’t need a lot for this) and set the percent size to however large you want each glowing ember to be.

    In the cycles materials node pipe a particle info node (color or age will work) into a color ramp node and set the gradient there to something that has lots of reds and oranges on the left and fades to black on the right (ideally there would be many black nodes between the reds and oranges so you get ember flickering – or you could use a noise mixed with the color ramp and set to multiply). Pipe the color ramp into an emission node and pipe that into the output or pipe that shader in a mix node with your rolled paper shader.

    You could also add a scale modifier so that the embers get larger when they glow. You could copy that gradient you made in the material node and use that to run the scaling function in the scale mod.

    You could also use the same emitter to emit a smoke volume and use turbulence curl to make it wispy and use a cycles volume shader to make it a pale white.

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