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     Neil Hurwitz updated 10 years, 2 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Neil Hurwitz

    April 15, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    There has been much said about this years NAB, but a few things haven’t been Mentioned yet so here goes,

    There is a big trend developing of using SSD drives for acquisition and to replace tape.
    We are not talking about proprietary cards but just plain SSD’s available from many manufactures. Blackmagic’s Hyperdeck Shuttle and Hyperdeck Studio are examples of this type of machine. There were numerous others showing camera mounted viewfinders with SSD recording built in. Just drop the SSD into a cheap dock and edit away. These new type of recorders are soon to be available for just about every camera format out there from Alexa to DSLR’s. SSD are approaching 2.00 per gig so you do the math.

    Sony just about killed the HDCAM SR line with the Introduction of the
    SR FILE Video Machine. I call this a machine because I really don’t know how to classify it. In short this machine uses a Sony proprietary 1 terabyte card to record onto. The machine has 4 slots in front and 8 terabytes of built in storage. Features 12 channels of audio. The big thing about this machine is that it’s actually 4 machines in one. It can be front panel configured to be 4 recorders OR 3 recorders and one player and so on.( 4/0 3/1 2/2 1/3 0/4 ) Hit a button on the front and you sequence thru the 4 “virtual decks” So you can have 4 edit bays hooked up to this guy all doing different things simultaneously. Sony showed this deck sitting on top of a SR machine that they said was for archival purposes. But why use a 85,000.00 machine for archival when a LTO costs 1/10th that amount? This machine will cost about 50,000. There is also a one rack unit “player” only version that didn’t have a price on it yet. I apologize for the sketchy details and reserve the right to be wrong on some of this because I was only able to obtain a demo from non native English speaking gentlemen from Japan.
    But it was there and it was working.

    Neil Hurwitz

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